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A bit about myself
Who i am, what do i like
Experience and skills
Couple of words about my experience and some skills
HackerRank codes
My first nodejs/sqlite app. With most of my Hackerrank submissions.
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Born in 1978 in Jemielnica, Poland. Educated in Opole.
Currently working and live in the Netherlands.
I am coder and as a coder, I have the opportunity to create and solve problems in the virtual world. It's a creative and intellectually stimulating field. I love to read Sci-Fi books that are sometimes fantastic source of inspiration, allowing me to explore new concepts and ideas. I am interested in physics and astronomy. I believe that keeping up with the latest discoveries can broaden my knowledge and provide new perspectives that may influence my coding projects.
I have extensive experience in VBA programming for Excel, ranging from writing small document extensions to building Add-Ins with customized ribbons. My proficiency also extends to reading data from databases using SQL queries and effectively visualizing it in Excel charts, tables, or custom forms.

I have a strong background in data analysis and presentation, ensuring that information is easily digestible and visually appealing. Additionally, I possess a fair amount of experience in writing VSTO .NET extensions in C#.

In terms of other programming languages, I have a solid understanding of C#, .NET WPF, and JavaScript. While I have a decent grasp of HTML, CSS, and C++, my knowledge in these languages can be considered average. Furthermore, I have a foundational understanding of SQL, SQLITE, DDL, and GLSL.


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